Psychotherapy with Older Adults

Working with a senior population has been satisfying and rewarding for me as a psychologist.  One might think that the therapeutic issues revolve around loss, adverse physical issues, death, and dying; however, it has been quite the opposite experience.  The focus is staying vibrant, healthy, and engaged with life and relationships.  My oldest patients are 95 and 100.  The 95-year-old drives, takes long walks with her dog, goes to the gym daily, and has no cognitive impairment.  My 100-year-old patient walks daily, attends symphony concerts, is politically active, and has an astute mind.

I currently have about 15-20 Medicare patients in my practice.  I find them reliable, likable, and often quite wise about life. They are typically on time and appreciate the opportunity to have someone to talk to.    Working with this population has genuinely been fulfilling.

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