A Song Writer at Heart

“Hey, Greg Allman, I am over here!” 
“Yo, Bro, good to see you.”

Piedmont Park in Atlanta was filled with rock bands when this conversation occurred between Clark Clipson and Greg Allman many years ago. The future psychologist spent his Sundays playing in the band lineup with many groups, some of which became famous.

Clark Clipson doesn’t have long hair anymore, and he doesn’t tour the Southeast with his band as he did on weekends as a teenager playing at bars and fraternity houses. One might characterize Dr. Clipson as a man who has embraced change and transformation throughout his life.

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In Harm’s Way He Stood Tall

Tom MacSpeiden, Ph.D. has been a psychologist and SDPA member for a long time. He is a past president of our association in addition to having contributed in numerous ways to the development of the San Diego psychological community.  For many years Tom was the chief psychologist at the local community mental health center, and he mentored and guided many psychologists who are now prominent in their own right.

Tom is known for his forensic work amongst other things. A few years ago he testified for the defense of Dale Akiki, a developmentally disabled adult, who was accused of abusing children at a church day care center. The LA Times reported,

“Akiki’s trial put all those contradictions in high relief. It pitted Akiki, 36, against nine children who accused him of bludgeoning live animals and drinking their blood as part of his satanic repertoire. One boy even accused Akiki of murdering a baby.”

“Witnesses said Akiki conspired with his wife and another sitter to subject the children to rituals of mayhem, involving urine, feces, water torture and animal mutilation–including the slaughter of an elephant, a giraffe, and a rabbit.”

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