July 2022

The Gift

Time may be endless but the piece of it a life is given, like the gift of a cherished old photograph, dims and dulls as the seasons race forward in an indifferent perpetuity.  Having reached the age of 85, I have trouble remembering names, and the images of my experiences, once sharp and clear and full of color, are grey and cloudy and require hours of effort to pry them out of the disarray of detail that has now become my memory. And so, it was not surprising that I could not recognize the name, Stephan Jacobson when my caller identified himself.

It all began two weeks ago when Ellie, my young secretary, entered my study as I rested in my easy chair and handed me an envelope. “This is one,” she said in her slow, soft voice, “I think you’d best open yourself.”

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Falling Leaves
summer’s end,
it’s the changing time,
the spinning of the earth,
the movement of planets:
like the river,
time flows on,
carrying the fall leaves,
shaping the crystals of winter,
signaling the time for the snow to fall:
days and nights,
nights and days:
time is a train,
traveling to destinations
near and far,
to places unknown.


We are time travelers,
paddling down
A river of no return,
Turning the pages
of old calendars,
gliding through space,
into fresh waters,
paddling on faith:
we commit to the river.


What it feels like to be 78…
I am at Bloomie’s…18 minutes before CLOSING!
Lights flash…signaling Mortality.
Who by fire…who by water.
Finally relating to Me.
The Golden Years. Retirement. Grown Children. New Vistas.
Travel, leisure, precious moments with loved ones.
Perspective…the Wild Card. Time is not forever.
No e-mail or Google revealing an expiration date.
Still…Black Friday is here. Grab all we can…fleeting.
Power Up…hold on tight…that Carousel Ride…almost over.
Blissful passage to Nirvana or Tarot card of suffering?
Departure from Life.
Often deterioration and pain.
Don’t ask Why!
Struggles…reflecting challenges of the Spirit.
Before we achieve a ticket to Heaven.
St. Thomas…God exists…his argument of Design.
Humans, forever searching for answers.
The Human Condition.

Annie’s lesson for the NOW TIME.
LIFE…the finest BLESSING.
Fully Present in Every Precious Moment.

Sue Ann Scheck “Annie” was born and raised in Brooklyn and now resides
in Rancho Santa Fe. She tells us that 18 in Jewish time means LIFE.