Stopping the Bad Guys

Bad guys want time, darkness, and quiet to do their work. Let’s not give it to them. Here are some suggestions to stop them. 

1.  Lock your side gates.  If the bad guys can’t get into your backyard, they will have a harder time accessing your house. Brackets, which take a lock, are easy to install.

2.  Motion detector lights are a good deterrent. The crooks hate light.
3.  When an alarm sounds, watch them run.
4.  Get some cameras. No bad guy wants to be a film star.
5.  If possible, keep your cars in your garage. Then lock them. Don’t leave valuables in your cars, whether in or out of your garage. 
6. Locking mailboxes are a good idea. It is easy to rob someone’s mail.
7.  Have some lights on timers when you go away. 
8.  Make sure your neighbors know your comings and goings. Look out for each other. Know who belongs in the neighborhood and who doesn’t. Be aware!
9.  A “Beware of dog” sign makes them wonder.