Kay DiFrancesca

If you were in jail twenty years ago, you might have met Kay DiFrancesca, Past President and Fellow of SDPA. Say what? Kay was not incarcerated, but she was a forensic psychologist for San Diego County and privately for much of her career.

Kay was also the recipient of the SDPA Distinguished Contribution to Psychology Award in 2019. She taught at California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) and has supervised and mentored many students. She is known for being supportive but direct, kind but firm, understanding, and ethical.

Kay has also been a courageous person. She was the first female President of SDPA and was a trailblazer. Men were used to running the Association, and she faced considerable resistance when she took office. She persevered. I have often watched her take and stick to unpopular positions she felt were right.

She supported sex offenders having housing when released from prison and treatment programs. Many felt the same way, but few vocalized their opinions, as there was so much community opposition.  

Kay has three adult sons who all lead exciting lives. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, fine cuisine, and the company of her many friends.  She is currently active on the SDPA Aging Issues Committee.

Katherine DiFrancesca, Ph.D. is now retired. She is one of the many talented psychologists who make up the membership of SDPA.