Seniors Beware!

Gyms and trainers are positive resources at any age. Activity fosters health. Keep active and live longer. Who can argue with these ideas?

Older people need to watch out for young personal trainers who bring a boot camp attitude to sessions. Personal trainers are not physical therapists who must earn a doctor of physical therapy degree and pass a state licensure exam. I have had several friends who suffered injuries during sessions with overzealous trainers.

It is good to discuss goals and methods before beginning sessions with a trainer. Stay in control of the process. It is your health that is at stake!!


For the past 25 years as a psychologist, I have had the privilege and opportunity to be in consultation with individuals at various stages of the aging process.  My patients ranged in age from the early ’50s to the early ’90s.  I visited individuals in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, their homes, and in my office.  My interventions were often focused on the following problem…remorse.

A significant number of my patients lived with the emotional burden of remorse.  They felt guilt mostly about family situations.  They felt remorse about being overly busy with several activities in life and not spending more quality time with their spouses, partners, and children.  

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