What it feels like to be 78…
I am at Bloomie’s…18 minutes before CLOSING!
Lights flash…signaling Mortality.
Who by fire…who by water.
Finally relating to Me.
The Golden Years. Retirement. Grown Children. New Vistas.
Travel, leisure, precious moments with loved ones.
Perspective…the Wild Card. Time is not forever.
No e-mail or Google revealing an expiration date.
Still…Black Friday is here. Grab all we can…fleeting.
Power Up…hold on tight…that Carousel Ride…almost over.
Blissful passage to Nirvana or Tarot card of suffering?
Departure from Life.
Often deterioration and pain.
Don’t ask Why!
Struggles…reflecting challenges of the Spirit.
Before we achieve a ticket to Heaven.
St. Thomas…God exists…his argument of Design.
Humans, forever searching for answers.
The Human Condition.

Annie’s lesson for the NOW TIME.
LIFE…the finest BLESSING.
Fully Present in Every Precious Moment.

Sue Ann Scheck “Annie” was born and raised in Brooklyn and now resides
in Rancho Santa Fe. She tells us that 18 in Jewish time means LIFE.