Retirement: An Underrated Challenge

Retirement is perhaps one of the most underrated of life’s passages!  For those lucky enough to reach that stage in life, it’s filled with surprises, some good and some not so good, most of which we are unprepared for.  Suppose you are leaving a very busy, successful, and beloved career. In that case, the passage needs preparation and planning…. making an inventory of who you’ve been and what has brought you the most joy will help you figure out who the person you will now become.  But how do we do that? 

It would have benefited me to have attended some seminars on transitioning from being “somebody” to suddenly becoming ” nobody.”  As a person whose identity and satisfaction were very tied up with my professional career, this change was enormous.  I had no real hobbies or pastimes, and most of my relationships (apart from those of my husband and children) were connected to my work life.  To say I felt somewhat empty would be an understatement!  And I hardly knew where to begin to build a new me, a life that would be rewarding and fun. 

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