January 2024

Never Too Late!

I was 76 when I first picked up a violin.  I’d read that exploring new hobbies keeps the mind sharp and is suitable for “the aging.”  

That’s not why I started playing.  Not at all.  I started because decades ago, my Mom told me I couldn’t.  With six kids in the house, she could handle so much noise, and a screechy violin wasn’t part of it.  So, I took nine years of piano.  It was okay, but it wasn’t the violin.  I’ve always been stubborn.  And I’ve always loved the way a violin looks and sounds.  

About a year ago, I summoned all my courage and went to the local violin store.  They were used to dealing with beginners, albeit younger than me.  I left with a rented violin and the idea that watching YouTube videos was the way to go.  Turns out the violin is a challenging instrument.  After weeks of trying to hold the violin and bow without dropping it, I put it on a shelf where it languished.  

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