May 2024


We all have dreams where we find ourselves wandering through familiar rooms. Often these rooms existed in our distant past and they now serve as entry to a memory, for they create the ambience of a time gone by. Sometimes the rooms we dream of, and their locations are totally unfamiliar but, in their particularity, reveal something important or new to us. 

So, in our waking lives we find ourselves shaping and being shaped by our immediate environment, the rooms in which we work and live. We all have a need for a certain degree of privacy. Some people call it private space and even visualize a space within themselves that is inaccessible to anyone. I see that space within as akin to a room. We often call it euphemistically our inner space, or inner world. We carry it with us wherever we go. Some people experience their most intensely private even profound moments outdoors on a mountaintop or watching the sun set. 

How we locate ourselves in the world, cast anchor, and settle in a place is our story. The spaces we live in are usually extremely important to us. The reasons are complex and varied, but I’ll name a few. We see our homes as extensions of ourselves. They reflect something about us, about our identity. They can project an image about us…even if we’d rather they didn’t. 

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