Who Says Home Visits Are a Thing of the Past?

My interest in specializing and working with the older adult and elderly population began as an undergraduate student at San Diego State University. There, I chose elective courses that focused on the sociology and psychology of the aging population. I was also fortunate enough to connect with two professors/mentors who were older adults.

To gain clinical experience working with the older adult population, I contracted with a home-based organization in 1993, treating clients in their homes who would otherwise not be able to access mental health services due to being bedbound, homebound, or unable to access transportation, among other reasons. In-home therapy was not only intrinsically rewarding for me in helping clients bring back purpose to their lives, but I also envisioned its value in helping improve the quality of mental healthcare in San Diego. The increasing need for “home visits,” changes in Medicare reimbursement, technology, and an interdisciplinary team approach influenced the decision to generate a business model around these services, known today as Help Therapy.

Annette Conway, Psy.D., is a clinical psychologist who owns Help Therapy. She has a long-standing interest in providing home-based mental health services for older adults.

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